Shanty Club

Come and see us at Fremantle's Shanty Club.

We host this very informal evening on every second Monday of each month at Clancy's Fish Pub.  This fixture has been going without fail since late 2015.

Sea shanties, work songs from the days of sail, entail different rhythms for assorted tasks. They tell of life on board, and of the men who sang them. The 'Shantyman' gives the call, and the crew responds! Choruses are catchy and irresistible for an audience sing-along.

Whether your calling be a Halyard Shanty, Foresheet Shanty, Capstan Shanty, Pump Shanty or Fo’c’s’le Song - or you've no idea what any of these are – The Lost Quays can help! These are work songs, so it’s all in. Join the crew to find your fancy, learn some maritime history, and bond in rollicking chorus!

A key part of the Shanty Club is our blackboard, where we give anybody the opportunity to put their name on the board, and come up and sing a sea song or shanty - and teach all of us the chorus! 

This is a lot of fun, and a very good-humoured (and forgiving!) atmosphere.  And let's face it, there are a few beers, wines and assorted drinks of your choice together with a wide range of seafood dishes from Clany's kitchen to help the evening along. See you there!